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Uke Ohana

Hosted at Pu’u O Hoku Ranch & Halawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaii


Old Style Hawaiian Music and Contemporary Rhythms


Lono’s teachings are in honor of those who came before us. His songs are of Molokai’s sacred sights, history, animal traditions, the winds of the  different districts, it’s high chiefs, the children, the paniolo’s  (cowboys) and the people of Moloka’i. “It is but a fleeting glimpse for us to see the things  our ancestors had to encounter and overcome to leave us the paradise we live in  today.” Lono will be teaching true Hawaiian ukulele traditions and pack the music with stories (mo’olelo) of Molokai’s past from 600 AD, to the present. Lono and his friends will also share an ancient presentation of Moloka’i hula and their stories.





Craig and Sarah have made an incredible splash in the ukulele scene with their complimenting styles and vocals. They have been featured in ukulele festivals all over the world and feel fortunate to have been featured recently on the cover of Ukulele magazine. Their love of teaching has blossomed into a successful online ukulele school and the joy for music and teaching c follows them wherever they travel. Craig brings a passion for island music having been raised in O’ahu and Sarah is a self admitted lover of jazz stylings from the golden age.




Innovative, Unique and Original describe Kalei’s performances and teaching.  His knowledge of creating and sharing his own style of the Ukulele abilities increase our appreciation understanding of the magical the four string instrument and what it can do.  Having been mentored by many Ukulele masters Kalei is now on the forefront of today’s Ukulele Revolution. “My Ukulele expressed every word and emotion. I love to create and share my musical journey for everyone to enjoy.”








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“HUI O MELE NEI” will be helping the group with the morning classes, afternoon hula and evening Kanikapila.